Hello guys this is my australian friend. It’s been 3 years since our friendship. We met through an online application. Only the lucky ones get such a friend. Despite being an Australian, he loves Indians very much and has great respect for India. He had come to visit India 30 years ago. Since then he loves India very much. 7 years ago he had an accident due to which his spinal got completely damaged. It absolutely live in bed, can not move.

Lives in a lot of pain while his three time major operation has been done. After the accident, he was completely alone. His children’s, who live completely separate from him. The wife also left after giving divorce. Because he’s sick! He has a sister with him who is not his own. But these sisters take full care of him. Despite not being its own, she gives full introduction of humanity.

Just two months ago he had a major operation, even after that my friend is not well at all. Live in a lot of pain. The biggest thing is that he have no complaint with life and with God. My friend plays the harmonic very well. Plays guitar and also plays sitar also. Even by sleeping in the bed, he want to live every moment of life with beauty. I learn a lot from him for living life. I thank him wholeheartedly and salute them. I don’t know we will ever meet in this life or not? Because I live in India and it’s a lot of distance between us in Australia.

But from my heart, I respect him a lot and love him. My friend is a person who knows how to love the world selflessly. He don’t want anything else? All the friends who are reading this page of mine, I have only one request to them to pray for my friend that his pain should be reduced a little.

My friend is also very fond of garden. This flower is from his garden whose photo he sent to me at one time



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