What is the best way to buy cryptocurrency?

Some felt that arbitration by banks was avoidable. Either they felt that banks were not trustworthy, or they believed that the cost charged by banks was exorbitant, or they were not comfortable tracking their transactions. Inspired by the idea that cash was one of the best ways to exercise free speech (see footnote 3), their solution was to create their own private currency and a transaction system or network that bypassed banks or any other financial or social institution. Used to give The basic problem they had to overcome was as follows – since electronic money (few lines of code) can be easily duplicated, in the absence of a trust institution like a bank, how does the network ensure that the same currency is not spent frequently. This has been called the ‘double spending problem’.

The first ‘person’ to effectively solve this problem was Satoshi Nakamoto, a fictitious person or person or corporate or any other entity that no one knows yet. And bitcoin was born. They did this by creating a blockchain. On the blockchain, when a transaction occurs, it is broadcast to all computers in the network. A set of new transactions, called blocks, are authenticated by an agreed consensus mechanism, and then the valid transaction block is added to the previous chain of blocks. Each block is linked to the previous block, making double spend difficult as it would involve replacing each subsequent block. Bitcoin was followed by many others, such as Ether, Cardano, Dogecoin, Tether, Stellar, etc. Collectively they are called cryptocurrencies.

Buyers and sellers trade on crypto exchange platform. There are many exchanges that support multiple currencies at once – such as bitcoin, ripple, ether, tether, cardano. Now many exchanges have started working in India too. But before you start trading on the exchange, we would advise you to see that these exchanges are in the news for good reasons and not for bad reasons. Always check that the office of that exchange is in India and its founding team should have such staff, whose history is clear.







Wazirx : Wazirx is currently the most preferred and most used cryptocurrency exchange in India. In this, anyone can buy and sell crypto currency very easily. At the same time, its UI is very nice and intuitive to use. At the same time, you also get to see many new features in this.

Accessible Across Platforms – You can access the Wazirx trading platform in many different platforms. Whether it is Web, Android smartphones, Apple iOS mobiles, Windows and Mac systems.

Range of Cryptocurrency – In this you can trade around 100+ cryptocurrencies pair with USDT. USDT is actually a Tether USD currency that is 1:1 backed by US dollars.

Speed ​​Transaction – Their platform is very stable and it has the capability that it can easily handle crores of transactions smoothly. how to buy If you want to buy Bitcoin or any other crypto currency, then you can buy it by visiting Wazirx’s website. Note : – If you ask for Referral Code, then definitely use “ x62d4j95 ”.

Unocoin : Unocoin is a very friendly website which can be used by anyone. With this, you can buy and sell bitcoin very easily. Unocoin has many such features that make it different from others. Features:

Zero % fees – Unocoin does not charge customers any fees for accepting bitcoin as a payment method

Simple Intergration – You can easily integrate your business with Unocoin.

0% Volatility Risk – If there is some fluctuation in the price of Bitcoin, then you can keep Bitcoin or you can sell it immediately.

No Chargebacks – If you are using Unocoin then you do not have to pay any charge back.

OTC Trading (Over the counter)

Auto Sell Bitcoin

Netki – You can create your own Bitcoin address which can be read by anyone

2 step authentication for more security

how to buy If you want to buy Bitcoin then you can buy it by visiting Unocoin’s website. Note: – If you ask for Referral Code, then definitely use “U124697” so that you can easily get bitcoin of Rs.200/-.

ZebPay : Zebpay is a very user friendly website from which you can easily buy bitcoin. Zebpay has access to many vendors so that it provides more convenience.


  • You can also fill top up in your mobile and DTH with the help of Bitcoin.
  • You can buy voucher from Amazon, Flipkart and MakeMyTrip so that you can save up to 10%
  • Fastest way by which you can buy Bitcoin.
  • It is also very secure.
  • Lowest price in the market.

You can also buy from mobile using the app. how to buy If you want to buy Bitcoin then you can buy it by going to Zebpay’s Android Application. Note: – If you ask for Referral Code, then definitely use “REF77839482” so that you can easily get bitcoin of Rs.100/-.

Coinbox : Coinbox.org integrates all tokens from the ETH, BNB, TRX and EOS blockchains to make more than 5000 cryptocurrencies and tokens available to everyone interested in using digital assets. In this you can earn a passive income simply by holding cryptocurrencies in your wallet, the so-called staking. Staking is currently available for the ALGO cryptocurrency with an APY of 6.12%.

BTCxIndia : BTCxIndia is a very old website. It is a very easy interface that anyone can use. This is a website that provides the facility of trading in rupee and bitcoin in real time. With this you can also buy bitcoin.

LocalBitcoin : If you want to buy Bitcoin through cash then the best option for you would be to use LocalBitcoin. There are many options to buy bitcoin here so that you can buy bitcoin according to your mind. Compared to other websites, the price of Bitcoin may be slightly higher here, but if you want to buy Bitcoin at any cost, then this is a very good option for you. One thing to note here is that any purchase that you want to do in cash or cash, do it only in public places so that your security remains the same. Here you can also sell Bitcoin for more than the market price, which is a profitable deal.



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