There is a chance to understand life properly when there is a lot of trouble in life. I know a boy who has learnt a lot from the lessons of life, who lives in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India . His name is Abhitendra . Mr.Abhitendra is son of a poor farmer. He have grown up seeing a lot of difficulties in his life. Due to being poor, studies could not be done from very high class. Still, with his hard work, he completed his studies.

Due to his city being a little away from his village, he completed his studies till 10th by staying in uncle’s house from childhood. After the completion of 10th class, as uncle’s family grew up, uncle told him that now I cannot keep you with me. Then he came back to the village. He had to complete his 12th studies. So then with the help of his father, he went to study in the city. His father started sending him fifteen hundred rupees per month. Abhitendra started living in his city by renting a small house and started earning from his part time by doing small jobs. After completing his studies, he then went to the city of Gujarat India with his relative. In Gujarat, his relative used to work as a wig maker. Abhitendra stayed there and started learning work. Then he became an expert on that work. He told his relative, he also wants to do his own business . Because the salary that he used to get, it was difficult for his father and mother to bear the expenses of running his house. So he was thinking to start his own business. His relative did not like this thing. The reason is that if he does business, the customer will go to him. He was starting to get jealous. Then his relative told him that then you cannot stay in our city anymore. You go to another city. Then you can start your own business. Now days, Abhitendra has started his own business while fighting with all the people. Right now his wig making business has started on a very small scale. Abhitendra has become famous because of his good nature. His dream is to become a success person in life.

There is no ego of any kind inside because he is very good person. I will always pray to God that he can fulfill all his dreams in his life. Whoever of you guys read this blog, if anyone needs good wig in it, you can contact Mr. Abhitendra .

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