Extent of Begging in India A Look Beyond West Bengal

You must have seen beggars walking on the road. Crying as soon as I started talking… Say things that touch your heart. Wearing such clothes, walking in such a way that you don’t doubt them from anywhere.
You must have even given money or food after listening to them. Don’t know how many such pictures will emerge in your mind as soon as you go through the memories like the whole mov

beggars walking on the road

Now if it is said that whatever emerged in your mind was a deception of your eyes? Yes, the world of beggars has completely changed. For this, they are trained in corporate style.

Training they get to develop personality like beggars

In this training, a complete process like personality development is adopted. For example- what to wear, how to speak, how to walk. Aren’t you surprised? Let us also know that such personality grooming classes are held in every colony of beggars. The batch comes to the market only after learning the tips from this class.
Unable to walk… sick looking… Your heart must have thumped many times seeing such scenes. While raising money from his hand, this must have also come out of his mouth – have mercy on me.

But, the reality of the world of beggars is that more than 70 percent of such disabled-looking people are perfectly safe. They get special training from very experienced beggars of their gang.

Beggars in Sweden

This city is ‘Eskilstuna’ located in the European country Sweden. This city with a population of about one lakh falls to the west of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. A few years ago, a license fee was made mandatory for beggars here. This rule means that if a person here wants to beg from the people, then for this they have to get permission first. They will get this permission only after paying a small fee. This rule has been implemented in 2019 only. Under this rule, people have to spend 250 Swedish Krona (Sweden’s currency) in addition to giving a valid ID card for begging. This is because the leaders there want to make the practice of begging difficult. Apart from this, it will be easy for the authority here to know where and how many such people are there in the city, who are in need of begging. It will be convenient to contact such people and provide necessary help to them. It has been claimed by the local media that after the implementation of this rule, the begging people are now moving towards doing some other menial work.


Beggars in India

There are about 4 lakh beggars in India. Out of these, there are about 75 thousand such, who are 12th or above educated. Not only this, 3,000 beggars also have graduates and post graduates’ degrees apart from professional diplomas. This has been revealed in a report titled ‘Professionally no work and their educational level’. The reason for becoming a beggar is to earn more money by begging than by job.

There are 4,13,670 beggars in the country, including 2,21,673 males and 1,91,997 females, according to the 2011 census, according to a written reply in the Rajya Sabha.

In terms of the number of beggars, West Bengal is at number one with 81,224 people. While there are 65,835 beggars in Uttar Pradesh, 30,218 in Andhra Pradesh, 29,723 in Bihar, 28,695 in Madhya Pradesh, 25,853 in Rajasthan, 2,187 in Delhi while Chandigarh has only 121 beggars.

According to government data, Lakshadweep has only two beggars, while Dadra Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu and Andaman and Nicobar Islands have 19, 22 and 56 such people, respectively. This can be attributed to how lazy people are in India. While there is no dearth of talent in India.



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