Our Dear Poornima Mam & Her Son Mr.Pankaj

I have been running Instagram well for almost 6 months now. Instagram is a good social media. In these few days some people got me a little wrong, some people got good, some people were very good. I met Poornima mam one day in the evening in someone’s live show. After talking to her for about 5 minutes, mam told me “that you should also come in my live, I am not in the mood to start the live in this time, but after talking to you, I liked it and wanted to turn on live for 10 minutes only for you”. She open her live on Instagram that I had gone into her live show and our friendship started from that day. We have been talking to her for almost a month. Followers in her ID are very high, about 2 lakh. When Tik Tok application was running in India, Since that time, she used to make her reels in Tik Tok. She lives in Delhi The capital of India. Talking to her came to know that she is very good of heart, kind and well minded woman. Most importantly, she knows how to forgive. Maybe life is not very easy for anyone. There is a lot of trouble in her life too. 2 years ago, a small business also used to do boutique. But small business owners in India got ruined Due to covid-19. She is a housewife now and tries her best to do something again. She is survived by her husband, a son and a daughter.

Her son Pankaj is her best friend. Pankaj is always very helpful to her mother and is a very funny boy, Pankaj is also a good hearted boy like his mother. Very handsome to look at. Poornima mam always worried for her family. She also has good thoughts for society. Mam knows how to do loyalty in a relationship. In few months, her daughter is going to get married, about which she is very busy, worried, & happy also. I respect Poornima mam a lot because she is very nice, loves me a lot too.

People say good friends are not available in social media. I also agree, this is true but some friends also get very good. I will pray to God that there should be no other problem in the life of Poornima mam. I thank Poornima mam that she considers me a good friend and I also pray this to God that I should keep the friendship of my lifetime.



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