Perhaps it is not only mine but it is a great achievement of everyone’s life. A own house would have been a big dream for everyone. After of living on rent for so many years has become a home of its own. I am very happy. It’s only been three months, I bought a flat for myself. The location of this flat is very beautiful and being on the 4th floor, there is a lot of air and well light. I have been in flat for the last 3 months, but how did the summer pass. I don’t even realize much. My flat just 50 meters away from Marketplace. Every evening in the balcony of my house looks great. Our society is very Greeny. In the new house, sleep breaks on its own in the morning. With lots of bird sounds. When the wind blows very loudly, it seems that the wind is playing a song. The entire main road can be seen from my bedroom. There is also a big pond in front of my house. I love rain so After coming to this house, I enjoy the rain to the fullest. When it rains very fast, the tree, plant becomes very clear and some birds get wet and sit in my balcony. I take out both my hands from the balcony. In the rain and I touch the rain. I enjoy it a lot. The silence of the night at my house is also very nice. The full moon from my bedroom and balcony also looks very beautiful.

I can enjoy the full moon at night even by sleeping on my bed. The location of my flat is so lovely that all facilities are available within a range of half kilometer. It is wonderful to watch the sun set from the bedroom and balcony. The most beautiful thing. There is also a huge mountain view from my bedroom and balcony. We can see the mountain only in the morning and evening because it is far away. Cannot be seen during day due to excessive sunlight. Sometimes it is raining, when the sky is very clear and the sun is less, then this mountain is also visible. Our building would have a roof after the fifth floor. When I go to the terrace in the evening, I feel I have come to the new world.

This city is of coal mining. Some factory and its chimney can be seen some distance away from the roof. Smoke blowing from this chimney and this big mountain becomes a beautiful sight. Due to the Marketplace being home, the entire Market, Malls, Big Bazaar is visible from the balcony and the roof. If someone likes to eat outside, then all the facilities hotel, restaurant and street food also I have not done any kind of interior decoration work inside the flat yet. I know. My home might be more beautiful after the interior decoration. Building a dream home for middle class people would have been a big deal. It’s not easy for us building a house on the ground.



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